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SharePointStdCAL 2013 SNGL OLP NL DvcCAL 76M-01513

Model: SharePointStdCAL          Mã P/N: 76M-01513          Thương hiệu: Microsoft
Product Type: Software Licensing License Type: License License Quantity: 1 Device Operating System Supported: Windows

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SharePoint is the business collaboration platform that enables you to connect and empower people through formal and informal business communities, within the enterprise and beyond, and to manage content throughout the information lifecycle. Whether deployed on-premises or as hosted services, SharePoints integrated capabilities are enhanced by search technologies and enable you to rapidly respond to changing business needs by making data-driven decisions and by deploying customized solutions quickly and securely. The consolidation of collaboration solutions onto SharePoint makes it possible to cut costs by lowering training and maintenance expenses and increasing IT productivity, all within a governable and compliant platform.

Product Name Sharepoint 2013 Standard DEVICE CAL OB
Product Type Software Licensing
License Type License
Platform Supported PC
License Quantity 1 Device
Operating System Supported Windows
Software Name SharePoint Server 2013 Standard CAL