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Thiết bị mạng Router CISCO CISCO2611

Model: CISCO2611          Mã P/N:          Thương hiệu: CISCO
Provides the versatility needed to adapt to changes in network technology as new services and applications become available Driven by a powerful RISC processor The Cisco 2600 series provides the extra power needed to support the advanced quality of service

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Số 33 Võ Văn Dũng, Q. Đống Đa, TP. Hà Nội
Hoặc gọi điện:(024)73090868
Mobile : 0916660042 / 0917886988
Giá thị trường: 6.996.000 VNĐ
Giá bán: 4.757.000 VNĐ
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Bạn gọi điện hoặc Email cho chúng tôi: tt01@tanphat.com.vn
(024) 73.090.868 - Mobile: 091.6660.042
  • The Cisco 2611 is a Cisco router Systems that extends enterprise class versatility, integration, and power to branch offices with the Cisco 2600 series modular access router family. The Cisco 2600 series shares modular interfaces with the Cisco 1600, 1700, and 3600 series, providing network managers and service providers a cost effective solution to meet today's branch office needs such as:

    • Internet/intranet access with Firewall security
    • Multiservice voice/data integration
    • Analog and digital dial access services
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN) access
    • Inter VLAN routing
    • Routing with Bandwidth Management
    • Manufacturer's Warranty: 90 days
    • SMARTnet Service Category 5

    The key features include:

    • Price includes free UPS ground shipping!
    • Shipping Memory Configuration: 24MB DRAM (2 DRAM slots, 1 - 16MB, 1 - 8 MB); 8MB FLASH (1 FLASH slot, 1 - 8MB).
    • Modular Architecture: Network interfaces are field-upgradable; Additional interfaces can be added.
    • LAN and WAN interface configuration is easily customized for individual needs.
    • WAN interface cards and network modules shared with Cisco 1600 and 3600 Series routers.
    • Advanced Integration Module Slot.
    • DC Power Supply option.
    • High-Performance RISC Architecture.
    • Support for advanced QoS features such as the Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP), Weighted Fair Queuing. (WFQ), and IP Precedence.
    • Support for software-based data compression and data encryption.
    • Support for data link switching plus (DLSW+) and Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (APPN).
    • High-speed Ethernet-to-Ethernet routing (12,000 - 15,000 pps) for maximum scalability.
    • Full Cisco IOS support.
    • Integrated CSU/DSU and NT1 Options.
    • Support for CiscoWorks and CiscoView.
    • Support for Cisco Voice Manager (CVM).
    • Redundant Power Supply option.
    • RPS can be shared with other network components, such as the Cisco Catalyst 1900 series to protect the network from downtime due to power failures.
    • Dial-on-Demand Routing.
    • Allows automatic backup of WAN connection in case of a primary link failure.
    • All Network Interfaces Located on Back of Unit.

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  • Cổng TỐC ĐỘ
  • Giao thức chung
    IP, Tcp, Rvp
  • Giao diện mạng LAN
    10 CƠ-T
  • Kết nối
    Có dây
  • Số lượng cổng
    Cổng 2
  • Giao thức quản lý từ xa